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Street Signs

Available in either Extruded or Flat Aluminum blades
Although street signs are considered custom signs, you will find our price and delivery more than acceptable.  Unless quoted otherwise, all street signs are double sided and totally reflective.  We off both (3M) engineer grade and high intensity signs on 6" or 9" extruded or .080 flat blades.  12" signs and hardware are available for overhead applications.
Style 1 All copy 4" series are 4" upper case.  This is 4S standard.
Style 2 Prefix and primary copy are 4" upper case, series "C".  Suffix copy and block numbers are 2" upper case, series "C".
Style 3 All copy is 4"  upper/lower case, series "B".
Style 4 Prefix (upper case) and primary copy (upper/lower) series "B".  Suffix and block numbers are upper/lower case, "C".
Options Dead End, No Outlet, or Private Road tabs can be added to any sign.  Borders can be added to flat signs only.  Other styles are available.  Please Call.